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Grout Magic 2 lb. Sample

Grout Magic 2 lb. Sample
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THIS IS A FREE PROMOTIONAL 2 LB. SAMPLE. There is no charge for the product itself but there is a $5.60 shipping charge (Unless ordered with other products then standard FedEx Ground shipping charges apply).
GROUT MAGIC is a High Performing, Alkaline, Oxidizing, CLEANER. Amazing performance. Aggressively attacks dirt, grime, and oily soil, as well as smoke and fire residue. Ideal for Grout, Tile, Cement, and most water cleanable hard surfaces. Watch the grime melt away.
Dissolve 2 to 6 oz. per gal. of warm water according to the severity of soil. Liberally wet the surface, agitate with a brush and hot water extraction rinse.
To clean smoke-damaged walls and counters, remove excess smoke, or soot by using a chemical sponge. Then clean using Grout Magic solution as above.

Once mixed, Grout Magic begins releasing oxygen which will build up pressure which can burst a closed container if it does not have a pressure relief valve.
As with any cleaning product, test on inconspicuous area before using.