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X-Cide - Protein - Gallon

X-Cide - Protein - Gallon
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Protein: Let's face it. There's no nice way to say the place smells like a dead body but it happens. Dead mouse in the wall, possum under the house as well as the unfortunate crime scene that went without being discovered for too long. X-Cide Protein counters the unpleasant odors on surfaces that are absorbed due to proximity but aren't directly contaminated as well as surfaces that have been disinfected but still smell.

X-Cide concentrates are formulated to eliminate odors associated with specific situations and are paired with the corresponding Dry Vapor Concentrates. X-Cide is a proprietary blend of pure fragrance oils, odor encapsulators and anti-microbials. X-Cide Liquid can be diluted and applied directly with a pump-sprayer or fogged with the Drymax ULV Fogger.